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Job Search Marketing Strategies

Download this 22 page eBook resource to support your job search with a fresh marketing strategy lens and tools. 

Topics include:

♦    Why you need to market vs prove yourself over 40

♦    35% Reactive / 65% Proactive Strategy

♦    Personal Branding & Positioning

♦    LinkedIn  Visibility & Content

♦    Addressing ageism and  bias 


Navigating The Road Out Of Self Doubt

Everyone has self doubt at times.  But it can overtake and polarise actions and confidence. 

Topics include:

    • The 8 main roadblocks of self doubt
    • Simple strategies to overcome
    • Powerful mantra's to take back control

How To Leverage The Power of LinkedIn

Download this free E-book to learn the fundamentals of LinkedIn to apply immediately.

Topics include:

♦    Why LinkedIn is a 'must have'

♦    How to create a dynamic profile

♦    Building a platform of trust & value

♦    3 core pillars of success 

♦    Engagement tips and etiquette

How to leverage LinkedIn

Top 600 LinkedIn Hashtags

Comprehensive must have guide for LinkedIn content to elevate reach and distribution


The eBook contains:

        • Top 600 Numerical List
        • Top 600 Alphabetical List
        • General tips for usage



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