Sue recently presented an informative and fun session on building Brand YOU to my Energy Qld's Informal Womens Network. Sue has an infectious warm style, shares great stories and is really down to earth. She knows all the tricks and nuances in building a personal brand and the elements that create confidence and empowerment to women.  The feedback from members was that Sue was really inspiring and gave them lots of important points to reflect on and develop.  They found her session insightful, they enjoyed the humour and many only began to realise the importance of personal branding during Sue's session. I would recommend her workshops highly.  Caroline Lovett, Energy Queensland, Brisbane

I'm so impressed with Sue.  She's bold and not afraid to challenge ordinary thinking! she brings a ton of knowledge to the table and shares her experience generously.  Sue delivered a passionate presentation about Building a Platform of Attraction for business recently to our members. I loved the content and there was so much truth in it.   I would absolutely recommend Sue to business owners wanting to look deeply into what they are doing to present themselves in a human and engaging way. Leanne Layfield, Director, Caloundra Chamber of Commerce

Sue was brilliant at unpacking and communicating my business, personal brand and journey. She knows how to target without any fluff and get to the drivers and core needs of clients. A fabulous communicator she 'gets it'. Love your work Sue.  Kirsten Jones, Metamorphosis Body Life Transformation & Fitness

Sue is a vibrant  presenter and communicator. I have referred her to several of my  clients who have been delighted in the results she was able to achieve quickly for them across business  branding and hiring strategies. She has an expansive knowledge of various industries and a great ability to hone into issues quickly.   Robert Liddle, LBA Accounting Group

After 15years juggling freelance writing with a domestic photography business  I approached Sue for help.   Sue convinced me to treat my freelancing career as a business, and combine my content writing and photography into a single entity offering a comprehensive written and visual web content service. She helped me identify my key market, and even came up with a new business name.   Importantly, Sue helped me to identify my 'why'. She overhauled my LinkedIn profile, coached me in LinkedIn strategies and other social media networking opportunities.   I highly recommend Sue to anyone looking to define their brand or carve out a new path.  Karen Quist, Karen Quist Photography (Lens & Pen Group)

"Sue is a formidable woman. Her strong persona and direct manner gives her an uncanny ability to make you get over yourself, and get to the bottom of what you need to say. Sue's  expertise and knowledge about what she does is second to none.  I recommend Sue for anyone who struggles with LinkedIn, their personal brand and to figure out what they want to  "put out there."   Sue Mills, Sassy  Marketing & Communications

Sue is a wonderful writer and connector who knows how to best 'Pitch' your individual brand.  Peter Wales, George P. Johnson (Marketing)


Sue was brilliant at helping me understand my personal brand.  Angela Ucci, Lexington Financial Advocates

When you first speak or meet with Sue you can’t help but feel her presence - she’s a dynamo of energy. But what struck me most was her ability to engage and connect with people. Never afraid to ask the deeper question, she combines both frankness and warmth, gentleness and accountability, insight and practicality. Like a good friend who pulls no punches but has you back, she’s exactly what you need when you are trying to take the next step in your business or career . And it doesn’t hurt that she’s a master at connecting people. Rhiannon Robinson, MD, Finance Women

I have known and worked with Sue for many years now and through out this period she has always operated with integrity, honesty and treated people with respect. Having taken those core values and years of experience of running a media and digital recruitment agency into the Dare Group in the context of Humanised Hiring makes perfect sense. Dare Group provides a platform to take those values and techniques to a broader audience of recruiting managers and business leaders. As the pace of change in business continues to increase, it will become increasingly important to make better recruitment decisions. I would recommend companies commit to a different approach and send their recruiting managers and leaders to a workshop with Sue.   Alex Geers, MFB Solutions

I have known Sue for over a decade and she has consistently displayed a deep understanding of recruitment practices and procedures, a forthrightness second to none and a sense of humour to make all dealings a pleasure to conduct. Sue is adept at seeing past the gloss to uncover the true metal underneath and will got he extra mile to assist and aid all she comes in contact with. I would commend Sue to any and all persons seeking these attributes in a business partnership. Ross Fazel, Royal National Agricultural & Industrial Assoc  Qld

I have known Sue and worked with her now for more than 10 years. Sue cares about her clients and goes above and beyond in a market where that is not the norm.   In an ever-changing staffing, sales  and communications landscape, Sue shares valuable insights and expertise with businesses and individuals so they can positively navigate real-world professional challenges. Michael Pollard, Commercial Director, Media

I invited Sue to deliver  information to members of a business network I run as a guest speaker. Her topic was How To Hire - something of relevance to many of the business owners in the room.  It's really clear that Sue knows her stuff. She shared  valuable insights and I know the audience picked up  practical tips that made them see the issue of recruiting - and how doing it differently can add enormous value to their business. Refreshing to hear someone talking about the recruitment space without spouting the same old standard things. Claire Halliday, Thinking Local Knox

Sue and I think alike on many of the challenges in the recruitment space, and I highly recommend her both for career coaching and for her work in disrupting the recruitment model with the DARE Group.  Adam Laws, HR, National Australia Bank

Sue is a fantastic  coach with innate ability to understand people and what drives them. She is genuinely interested and goes over & beyond to help her clients put their best foot forward. She is warm, honest and bold in her communication. I love her passion for humanising workplaces and making hiring process simple for both parties. I highly recommend Sue to anyone needing  coaching.   Richa Mehta,  RMIT University