20 Tips to be Daring in Hiring


ice mountain

Being DARING is not just doing but being - Direct, Authentic, Real & Engaging. Whether you are hiring staff, looking for a new job or transitioning careers you must STEP UP that mountain of fear and challenge yourself to do things differently.    Changing the experiences of yourself and others will change the outcomes - positively!


Top 20 DARE challenges

DARE to show others who you truly are

DARE to ask  the hard questions, then truly listen

DARE to stand up with integrity when you see bias & discrimination

DARE to challenge the “status quo” for a better hiring outcome

DARE to be truly engaging and caring with all candidates

DARE to say NO when a job/company “doesn’t feel right”

DARE to have a “non clichéd” authentic resume that is YOU

DARE to take a real look at a candidate who is a “little different”

DARE to have a deep and real conversation with staff or clients

DARE to write a PD which is “non clichéd” and honest

DARE to write a Job advert which isn’t hyperbole but is realistic

DARE to say YES to different opportunities and people

DARE to share your true views with respectful mindfulness 

DARE to say NO to companies, recruiters & HR who don’t show disrespect

DARE to say NO to  hiring processes which are de-humanising

DARE to make the “hard phone calls” asap (ie giving bad news)

DARE to be kind to everyone you meet 

DARE to look in the mirror and take responsibility for your circumstances

DARE to have a teachable spirit & open mind

DARE to be HUMAN - always be human.

Take the DARE challenges and see the difference it makes to your job search or hiring.