Review of Outplacement Services



Over the last 18 months I have talked with a wide range of men and women of all professions, levels and ages who have gone through outplacement services.  Generally organised as part of  redundancy  ‘sweetener packages’ from  corporate employers I have  had diverse and uneasy feedback.

I have become quite concerned with the quality of services in Australia which   can profoundly impact on the timelines of remaining unemployed.

The purpose of outplacement services and programs is to provide robust skills, career plans, training and support to get candidates into their next job or transition into a new career asap.   After experiencing redundancy people are often exceptionally vulnerable on many levels (whether  admitted or denied) and the depth and quality of services will markedly influence  success and wellbeing.

I am disturbed not just with the actual depth and  quality of information  provided but the critical information, guidance and tools that are NOT  being delivered to maximise opportunity. 

So  I am conducting a  highly confidential survey  to build  a gap and fulfilment matrix to take to market to effect much needed service changes.  It's time that outplacement services are honestly reviewed without fear of reprisal.

If you have gone through an outplacement program over the last few years I would really  like to hear from you for a 10 minute Q&A  in total confidence.  Please email or phone in full confidence.