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Niche Markets – How to Unlock & Define

Niche target marketing is one of the most effective ways to attract new clients and build industry engagement for B2B businesses.   But many SMEs and consultants are concerned that if they niche they will lose lots of potential business. The reality is that smart niching can be the marketing jewel in the crown for many service businesses.…

Dont Give Up – Step Up in 2018

  Have you ever said to yourself ‘I’ve had enough, I’ve tried this many times and failed’ or ‘I’ve used up all my chances’ or ‘I have nothing left’ or ‘I’m done’ ? Well welcome to the human race. Anyone with a pulse would have definitely felt like throwing in the towel many times and in…

How is your personal brand really experienced

  Expecting that 100% of people we come across will like, trust and resonate with us and our personal brand is as likely as pigs flying or never having to pay taxes again. It’s just implausible – sad but true.

What is the Vibe of Your LinkedIn profile ?

  Most Australians will recall the line from the much loved movie The Castle when the bumbling lawyer Dennis (played by Tiriel Mora)  could only voice his court argument with “it’s just the vibe“. Here is the actual moment of comedy brilliance :

Cranking Up Your Personal Brand

  One of the first questions I ask my clients is ‘what makes YOU and your business really different?   This is a pretty standard question asked by all marketing and branding consultants. But what is not standard is my response to the answers…

Good Manners on Linked In DO Matter

{module social share buttons|showtitle=0}    LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world providing an influential gateway to connect businesses, brands and people in ways that were never once imagined. And whilst LinkedIn continues to technically evolve with over 8 million registered users in Australia alone, it is humans not robots that are at…

Striking Out Age Bias – Tips for 50+

  As with any bias it is both conscious and unconscious. Be it age, gender, race, religion, sexuality, education, career background, appearance. Biases don’t have  scientific empirical evidence for validation but spring mostly from illogical fear and prejudice.

Unpacking Mens Business Direction & Truth

  A question just for the blokes. Are you living your own career and business truth, calling and passions? Or are you living someone elses?  Perhaps they are those of family, friends, a partner, a culture or a society you are a part of

How to Build Trust – Stop the Bull….. Excuses

  Want to build your personal brand and business reputation?  Then stop giving crappy excuses and start being real and truthful – with yourself and others.   Last week I was crafting an email to someone whom I had put off re-contacting for a few days.   As I was typing the 2nd sentence I knew I was writing…

Business Rudeness & Disrespect are CHOICES!

As we are acutely aware, Australia is in the grip of a horrific domestic violence epidemic. Many conversations centrearound the notion of “choices”.   Most perpetrators of domestic violence do not inflict their actions outside of their family/spouse.    It is “selective” and a choice that is made and taken to inflict abuse on “a particular person/s”. …

Top Tips for SME’s To Hire Great Staff

   I was recently  interviewed by SmartCompany (Australia’s No.1 SME digital publication) for advice on helping SME’s hire staff in 2017.  The article resulted from  surveys conducted by a large accounting firm indicating strong  confidence and growth projections 2017 and indicating that   circa  40% of SME’s intend to hire new staff during the year.    Below is my ‘no holds barred’  advice and tips :

Never Give Up

 It was 5 years ago to the day when I took another leap of courage.  After a long hot day I ventured into the cobblestone doorway of yet another wine bar dressed to the nines in the hope that this meeting would be a successful one. A mixture of  excitement, anticipation  and nervousness jumped all over me.

What messages do your staff & colleagues really hear ?

    As we know actions speak far louder than the spoken or written word.   And we know that far too many company  ‘Mission Statements’ & ‘Employee Values Charts’ are hackneyed and inauthentic.  E.g. ‘We value our staff’,  ‘Our staff drive our success’   ‘Our teams are collaborative’ , ‘Nothing means more than employee satisfaction’  etc.…

What is the commercial moral compass of your company?

  With all the daily newsfeed reports of companies shirking their due diligence responsibilities, ignoring ‘customer first’ rhetoric and causing untold financial and personal stress to clients and staff, once in a while a company & their specific managers really stand up and by their customers.  

The OUCH moments that matter !

  We all whinge and complain about our lot in life at times (albeit some folk whinge constantly and others intermittently – and it sure does feel good to off-load at times).  We are not robots but living breathing ‘non-perfect human beings’ who have professional and personal challenges  and a myriad of circumstances that we inherit, encounter, attract,…

Ditch robotic interview scripts

  Job interviews are quite absurd and ironic if you think about it.  Both sides enter an interview seeking to learn the truth about each other and yet what is learnt is generally  filtered and many steps away from the stairway of full disclosure and transparency.  What should be a  direct, authentic, real and engaging discussion is often jammed…

Walk a Mile in My Shoes

  This week I came across the most abhorrent and unacceptable attitude towards candidates   A discussion was posted on an online forum around advice and tips to assist candidates.   It was a great opportunity to support, encourage and add value.  But I was  gobsmacked.  There it was in black and white the expressed  attitude of many. And whilst…

Media – Articles – Radio Interviews – Podcasts

Using Story to Attract your Tribe ….. part of the Engage with Story podcast series ..   http://engagevideomarketing.com/podcast/using-story-to-attract-your-tribe/   There are five applicants for every entry-level job in Australia: Here’s how your SME can find the best candidate… https://www.smartcompany.com.au/people-human-resources/sme-young-job-seekers/#.Wef43hyVTNo.linkedin  Unpacking Mens Careers……https://issuu.com/bsicomms/docs/spark_mag_october_final.compressed/12     Striking  Out Age Bias………..http://50sowhat.com.au/strike-out-age-bias-expert-tips-to-bowl-over-job-recruiters/        IT’S TIME TO SQUASH THE SUCCESS MYTH   …

Real reason you are being interviewed (or interviewing)

  So there you are plonked down firmly in front of a recruiter, HR or direct hiring manager. You may have found your way there via a job advertisement, a referral or your own career proactiveness.  But however you got there you have a real purpose and  job to do and it’s not necessarily what you think…

The Power of Sorry

  Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews historical ‘world first’ SORRY speech today to Victoria’s LGBTI community in Parliament was nothing short of breathtaking.  His heartfelt sincerity, compassion, contrition, commitment and conviction to righting the horrific wrongs had my heart in my chest and tears soaking my cheeks.  

Reference Checks – Morals, Truths & Tools

“ Sue, I’m telling you this in total confidence and if it ever gets out with my name on it, I will never give a reference to you or anyone again. I like [John Doe] very much, we are mates and play sport every few months and our wives lunch together.  

Interview Behaviours Candidates Must Stop

Interviews (like any business meeting) are a 2 way street. After interviewing over 5,000 candidates and  receiving extensive post interview feedback from hiring companies and candidates, I can confirm there is an absolute 50/50 split in culpability of poor behaviours.   Both  sides often need a firm kick up the behind on manners and professionalism.

How to Answer Hiring Objections

  Lets be honest, interviews are damn stressful – for both parties. It’ s like a 1st date – you desperately want it go well and find you ‘click’. Interviews are a two-way street – both interviewer and candidate are checking each other out to establish if there is a match and ultimately whether both…

Hiring Great Sales People – Bring Back The Telephone

  Are you planning to hire new sales staff ?   The SEEK Employment Trend  reports a projected 14% growth for sales and account management roles during 2016-2017.   This is great news as it validates business confidence and growth across  industries.  But this buoyancy means that hiring companies must think differently on how and who they…