Choices smaller As we are acutely aware, Australia is in the grip of a horrific domestic violence epidemic. Many conversations centrearound the notion of “choices”.   Most perpetrators of domestic violence do not inflict their actions outside of their family/spouse.    It is “selective” and a choice that is made and taken to inflict abuse on “a particular person/s”.   A perpetrator who breaks the nose of a spouse will most likely not do the same to a boss or friend will they? NO.  The same ethos applies with rude and disrespectful behaviour in business – it is selective.   It’s time to stand up and call it for what it is – a choice emanating from arrogance and/or ignorance.

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time to change I was recently  interviewed by SmartCompany (Australia's No.1 SME digital publication) for advice on helping SME's hire staff in 2017.  The article resulted from  surveys conducted by a large accounting firm indicating strong  confidence and growth projections 2017 and indicating that   circa  40% of SME's intend to hire new staff during the year.    Below is my 'no holds barred'  advice and tips :

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 dont give upIt was 5 years ago to the day when I took another leap of courage.  After a long hot day I ventured into the cobblestone doorway of yet another wine bar dressed to the nines in the hope that this meeting would be a successful one. A mixture of  excitement, anticipation  and nervousness jumped all over me.

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 Woman Hearing

As we know actions speak far louder than the spoken or written word.   And we know that far too many company  ‘Mission Statements’ & ‘Employee Values Charts’ are hackneyed and inauthentic.  E.g. ‘We value our staff’,  ‘Our staff drive our success’   ‘Our teams are collaborative’ , ‘Nothing means more than employee satisfaction’  etc.  

And without doubt when first created, such sentiments were generally heartfelt and sincere.  

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