Is it time to grow & reboot your  business or career ? Do you DARE to step up and out ?  

Time changeThere are 1000’s of businesses  that offer these services so what makes DARE Group different?   Simply put, we do what we  do because we give a damn.   We refuse to do business just for the $$ and hate to see business and people struggle unnecessarily. Life is tough enough so we  make it a whole lot easier and more fun along the way.

Most businesses  struggle at some  point around how to market their services, identify their unique selling points, brand propositions and expand with new staff .  It sure isn't  an easy road but humanising the strategy and approach   will turn around frustrations to get strong and sustainable results.

DARE  show clients how to play a bigger, more successful and enjoyable game with  communication tools, sales, brand and hiring  strategies  and training programs. Whether you are in business or managing your management career, we will have your  back at all times and have the courage to call out what needs addressing and changing. No fluff, always direct, tangible and powerful - so lets go !

About Sue Parker,  Founder

SMALLER SUE PARKERMy whole 'what and why' from as young as I can remember was to challenge the norm, think of smarter ways to tackle  life and business, have loads of fun and really assist  others along the way.  What can I say,  DARE -ing myself and others to step up and out and being insatiably curious  is just part of my DNA. 

After running a media  recruitment and sales agency for over 11 years  and  working in many industries and sales, marketing and training roles for circa 20 years prior, there were not  many  challenges that I hadn't observed and/or faced head on. 

Many of those challenges led to great triumphs and many led to failure and plenty of tears.   But all those experiences and  insights  together with a burning desire to be an agent of  change  led me to  develop  ‘humanised’  training programs  and communication tools. 

My work and life journey has had plenty of highs and lows (there is a book there) and I can walk alongside most  people  and deeply connect.   I believe the only way to  thrive is to have a teachable spirit and open mind so  I'm pretty fearless  yet also  compassionate.  I teach my clients and my clients teach me - and that is where the gold lies.    I  adore a good  chat and banter over a strong coffee or a few wines with real human connection and am thrilled to share my life with an amazing  husband and  two very entertaining human like spaniels.